Problem Solving Decision Making Kepner Tregoe

Why Problem Solving and Decision Making ?

  1. Solving problems, Making decisions, and Anticipating and protecting against future problems are the core three activities that capture the every manager’s responsibility”.
  1. They have access to people, financial resources and equipment. It is their duty and responsibility to determine that all these resources are employed     effectively and productively

Benefits of Problem Solving and Decision Making:

To make our thinking visible and tangible

  1. Break down large concerns into manageable pieces and prioritize them,
  2. Find the true cause of the problem before investing in expensive corrective actions,
  3. Make the best balanced choice even when the choice between alternatives is unclear,
  4. Develop preventive actions to protect your business plan.

Problem Solving and Decision Making Rational and Systematic Processes:

Systematic Process PSDM


Who should attend?

  1. This workshop is recommended for managers at all levels, from supervisors and middle management to top executives,
  2. Subordinates and support staff who participate substantially in problem solving and decision making within their work unit are also encourage to attend.

Workshop format


Workshop format PSDMLearning process

  • Discovery case: using video and paper cases
  • Learn ideas / concepts: lecturette
  • Practice using them: group presentation
  • Get feedback: feedback from group presentation
  • On the job application: application on participants’ real cases

Workshop methodology

  1. Before the workshop starts the participants will be given the pre-work form to be filled in. This pre-work form will be given one week prior to workshop and each group will be encouraged to prepare the real case to be worked on,
  2. After the workshop there will be a one day follow on session to monitor and review how well are they in implementing the concepts to their job related concerns,
  3. Course methodologies are case studies, video case, lecture, and on the job application.

Problem Solving and Decision Making Rundown

Run down PSDM