Daniel H. Saputro

Senior Trainer & Consultant

Daniel H. Saputro is  a Senior Corporate Consultant in Leadership and Corporate Business Improvement

He is known as Mr Scorecard and successfully diagnoses  the most important priorities to address in many organizations. He suggests a change‐management plan, and then guides the organizations through the necessary change

Nuqul Group (Jordan ‐  Middle East) was one of his clients. Nuqul Group embraces 31 regional and global companies, with 3000 employees in Jordan and over 5500 worldwide.

Daniel also assisted Stakeholder Management Program in Coal Mining company from Thailand, handled Managers Development Programs and improving corporate system using Strategy Map, KPI and Balance Scorecard

His main expertise is in improving the effectiveness of people and organizations by:

1) Establishing relationships with key personnel and stakeholder in the organization

2) Researching and evaluating systems in the organization to understand dysfunctions and/or goals of the systems in the organization

3) Identifying approaches (or “interventions”) to improve effectiveness of the organization and its people;

4) Applying approaches to improve effectiveness

5) Evaluating the ongoing effectiveness of the approaches and their results